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A Physician supervised weight loss has better results since it provides you with an insight to your health problems, and focuses more on lifestyle changes thus making it more sustainable.

Dr. Kagzi is a member of Obesity Medicine Association and trained in identifying and managing obesity. She is dedicated in improving weight loss goals, as this is her field of interest. Dr. Kagzi also participates in national conferences and seminars regarding medical weight loss and stays up to date with latest development in obesity medicine.

I believe current epidemic of obesity in our country is a major cause of most of the chronic diseases. If you look at the core causes of main prevalent diseases like diabetes and hypertension, increased body weight is the main one. Obesity is also a strong contributor to certain cancers. Therefore, I always counsel my patients on importance of maintaining healthy BMI as it is the beginning of a healthy life.

         –Dr. Y. Kagzi

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What to expect on your initial consultation visit

The initial consult involves a focused medical evaluation for diseases related to obesity and causative factors. Dr. Kagzi will perform comprehensive examination including:

  • Detailed history and physical examination
  • Review of existing medical conditions
  • Review of your existing medications
  • Blood tests and EKG
  • BMI measurement and waist circumference
  • Discussion regarding your previous efforts to loose weight
  • Design personalize action plan including dietary modifications and exercise

On Follow up visits

  • BMI measurement and waist circumference
  • Lab Tests as needed
  • Continuous counseling
  • Modifications to action plan as needed
  • Maintenance of food journal
  • Addition of weight loss medications if indicated

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